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Partners - Valsesia Food

Industry leaders in the food sector rely on us to transport their products, especially when particular care is needed. Thanks to our large vehicle fleet, the efficient organization of our warehouses, and the synergies created with the main collecting and sorting platforms, we guarantee service and control in the cold chain to support all companies that produce or distribute food products.

Our philosophy, which is based on excellence, is shared by our collaborators, partners, and suppliers, who help us every day to make it ever more solid and tangible.

Food transport

To guarantee safe, fast, and efficient food transport, the active contribution of a partner of absolute reliability, with full availability of vehicles and resources, is essential. A fleet of 19 vehicles, qualified personnel, and technologically advanced warehouses and deposits are indisputable assets of Val.Tra.Log, a dependable reference point for the entire fresh food transport sector, nationally and internationally.

Values that set us apart

In addition to our objective entrepreneurial worth, what contributes to the solidity of our company is our competitive advantage; that is, our ability to offer highly specialized services with a quality-price ratio that responds correctly to the conditions of an ever more ‘fluid’ market. This is possible thanks to a tried and tested organization, but above all, through a vision that is acutely aware of every possible development of the sector.

What it means to be a Partner

It means sharing our entrepreneurial vision, the knowledge that quality and service are inescapable factors that accept no compromises; it means working as a team, with well-defined roles and a team spirit that drives everyone towards the same goals, in total collaboration, but also with mutual support. That is why the term ‘partner’ is more appropriate than ever when it comes to Valgrofood and Val.Tra.Log, which not by chance share the first syllable of their names: the Valsesia family as a common denominator and as a steadfast guarantee of a synergy that becomes increasingly solid day after day, to the benefit of its customers.

Numbers and more

Like every large company, Val.Tra.Log also has a shared background with prestigious customers, and which is supported by significant figures. Here are a few numbers, which cover an average year: more than a million km travelled; around 6,700 tonnes transported for a single client; another 3000 tonnes transported for second client; constant economic growth and strategic planning built on the historical validity of the data and on sector projections. Because – in conclusion – it is the numbers that speak in tangible terms about a company; they are the objective data that bear witness to the results of unwavering daily commitment.

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