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Privacy Policy

VALSESIA GROUPAGE & FOOD S.R.L employs secure communication and complies with Swiss Federal laws and European Union laws on data protection.

The Parties reciprocally authorize the use and processing of the exchanged data solely for the purposes of the services required in compliance with Privacy Laws.
The Data Privacy Policy, in accordance with LPD-235.1 and OLPD-235.11 (01.07.1993- RU1993-1945-1962), enforced by IFPDT(CH) and with GDPR (Art.13.2016/679) and with Directive(EP)-N.95/46/CE-24.10.1995) and with Decision(EC)-N.2000/518/CE-26.07.2000, enforced by GEPD(UE), is supervised by the Data Protection Officer at for all activity.

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