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Our success-building actions

Liaising, purchasing, and reselling Italian products abroad by networking with producers, processors, and suppliers of raw and semi-finished materials.

Being trusted distributors of producers with consolidated relationships and partnerships: as a third-party commercial entity, we purchase directly from producers and resell to the points of sale indicated by these producers, so as to meet the requirements of the individual local markets in the best possible way. This is how we obtain the greatest possible synergy between supply and demand, and we overcome the inflexibility imposed by pre-existing market agreements.

Facilitating order management through groupage operations that make the process of bringing products to the market more streamlined and dynamic.

Creating new lines of approach to the Italian and foreign markets by identifying potential system buyers and/or purchasing groups for the various sectors, so as to negotiate cheaper prices against the higher volumes traded.

For producers who intend to consolidate their position in areas where they are already present with top-of-the-range products, or where they are interested in penetrating new foreign markets, it is possible to develop rebranded lines, which Valgrofood will purchase and distribute directly, in Italy and abroad.

Being a privileged intermediary for foreign importers of food products, providing integrated order management services, handling administrative and customs procedures, and all logistics services, from collection from the producer to storage and – if necessary – groupage, all the way up to delivery to the point of sale.

Synergies with Swiss and EU importers

As a partner of Swiss importers, we are the gathering point of food products for export to Switzerland, a strategic node geographically located in the heart of the continent, but which is outside the European community, and onwards from there to markets all around the world.

We work for foreign importers of food products, on the

  • operational side: receiving, storing, and regrouping products in our own logistics warehouse;
  • organizational side: processing several orders from different producers into a single invoice;
  • administrative side: managing all Italian accounting and taxation affairs, in compliance with the regulations and applying the best practices of the sector.

A series of benefits derive from these services

Thanks to direct contacts with producers and processors, we can research, test, and improve food products to be included in the ranges of Swiss and/or European importers, and thus find alternative ways to penetrate a market that is already saturated, and which can only be accessed by introducing new, high-quality products.

Significant cost reductions deriving from the completion of customs formalities, since the cost of a single document is paid, rather than a payment for each individual export, together with efficient accounting and tax management.

As a company based in Italy, as a partner of European importers, we are the gathering point of Italian products for export to the European Union, with automatic access to the EU market, and operating within its rules.

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