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The cold chain, to start with.

The optimal management of the cold chain, a warehouse that is one of the most modern refrigerated hubs in North Italy, and premises located in a strategic position with respect to international markets: all these make Valgroofod an organized and reliable structure. We are fully aware of the factors necessary to manage a market that demands ever higher standards in terms of personalized services, and thanks to continuous innovation, we achieve our goals in problem-solving and commercial growth.

Greater flexibility

As a third-party commercial entity, we deal with the purchase and sale of products even in areas that are already covered by other distributors, redrafting any exclusive contracts as an independent contractor. Our network coordinates the specific skills of each partner and prepares the ground for companies that need agile and simplified development support. Our distribution dynamics are as flexible as the market requires, and the support of the latest-generation technologies allows constant control over the entire system.

Dedicated platforms

We operate through management platforms modelled on the customers’ needs, which allow us to obtain all the advantages of outsourcing without the constraints imposed by large players in the logistics sector; at the same time, we cut through the inflexibility linked to the areas and countries associated with the large buyers.

Strategic position

Our operational headquarters is located in the Novara Intermodal Centre (CIM). Occupying a strategic position, at the intersection between the Lisbon-Kiev European Corridor 5 and the Genoa-Rotterdam Corridor 24, the CIM is a natural terminus of the freight line with North Europe, which transits through Switzerland and uses the Simplon and Gotthard Passes, and is also in an advantageous position for the France/Italy axis.

Training, sustainability, control

Our internal and external employees are kept up to the minute with on-the-job training courses; and our vehicles observe the standards dictated by EU Euro VI legislation on polluting emissions.

Our vehicles are under constant remote temperature control, and in the event of unforeseen circumstances, they are geolocalized and provided with alternative routes.

More effective business dynamics

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Thanks to our administrative, accounting, and organizational infrastructure, we are able to establish direct relationships with large producers and major consumers such as hotel chains, residential communities, schools, and catering services, some of which are already part of our network.
By removing a link from the supply chain, producers can offer large consumers the same quality at lower prices, with mutual advantages. In addition to maintaining existing relations with importers and exporters operating abroad, in particular towards Switzerland, we avail of a network of international operators which, by allowing the simplification of cross-border customs procedures, guarantees a better penetration of food products in European and non-European countries.
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